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A Revolutionary Approach to Women's Health

What if your stories about health could help heal someone else? What if their stories could help heal you?   WeKNOW acknowledges that every woman has a story to share that others can learn from.  Come share, come learn!

What is WeKNOW?

WeKNOW   (which stands for Women embracing the Knowledge Necessary for Our Wellness)  is a community-driven wellness platform that changes the game in women’s  health by leveraging our own wisdom (what we KNOW) to transform our 

health-related experiences.     

The WeKNOW platform will incorporate on- and offline components to revolutionize women's health:

Online platform to connect community members for support and advice

Online searchable access to women's stories as well as related women's health resource reviews

Online searchable access to story summaries and analyses

Monthly women's chats (#coochieconversations)

Community outreach workshops and playshops

Annual conference

Policy advocacy

and additional members only benefits:

Monthly newsletter 

Special events

Member Tshirt

Annual calendar and member box


Our stories are POWERFUL!  These stories not only contain valuable lessons; they make us experts on our bodies, how they work, what works and doesn’t work for us.  Yet, healthcare research shows a consistent theme of disempowerment of our stories and WHAT WE KNOW, dismissal of our pain and symptoms, insensitive approaches, unnecessary suffering, excessive and even forced procedures.

We KNOW this impacts all women - in some cases fatally; we also KNOW that there is even more impact on and risk for women of color, transgender, lesbian and low income women.  


Help us achieve the WeKNOW vision of transforming women's health outcomes by:

  • sending us your story
  • joining the monthly calls 
  • joining as a member (or giving the gift of membership)
  • spreading the word about WeKNOW!!!

When we share our stories, 

we change our outcomes!


Tanya Leake


Hi!  I'm Tanya, wellness coach, dance and fitness instructor, women’s health specialist, author, engineer and East Coast co-founder of WeKNOW. 

My stories? Acne, Allergies/Hay Fever, Cystic Breasts, Fibroid, Hot Flashes/Perimenopause, Period in Yellow Pants, PMS, Uterine Infection, Weight Management 

Tarita Thomas


Hi!  I’m Tarita, diversity coach, workshop facilitator, women’s health advocate, author, recruiter and West Coast co-founder of WeKNOW.

My stories?  Endometriosis, Infertility, Obesity, Period in White Pants, Sexual Assault


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